For our thousands of regular customers, no need for passwords or entering vital information with every order. Just cut and paste the ISBN for any book you want and we’ll do the rest. Let us know if you’d like it shipped or picked-up and one of our live booksellers (whom you probably know) will give you an absolutely accurate status report (won’t that be nice with a website order  - for a change).

In the email, merely let us know if you’d like special handling like gift-wrapping, or send it to someone else – or if you want a signed copy (try that request with Amazon).

If you’re ordering for the first time – no problem. Just send in your info this one time only by Clicking Here, and then send us your order as a simple e-mail- just like you’ve been a regular for decades. Since basically every website’s database is offering the same millions of titles, why ever shop another?

Of course, if you prefer to order from our site using our shopping cart like all other sites, feel free. We have that capability, also. You’ll still receive acknowledgement from a live bookseller and accurate status information, in addition to the automatic notification provided by the warehouse.

As if you need another reason to shop at The Alabama Booksmith, you’ll notice our site now indicates if the book is on our shelves, rather than in our warehouse. While we stock millions in our warehouse and only thousands on our shelves, the ones on our shelves are usually the ones in demand – and are likely signed. Therefore, if you’re close enough, you can run by and pick it up, or be guaranteed that we will ship your order out today.

We appreciate your using The Alabama Booksmith and will always give you fast and accurate information and service.